La Bufala Campana Dop "Greta" taste and respect for the environment

Mozzarella from the ABC Dairy factory in Vitulazio (Cs) aims to reduce the use of plastic by using glass and paper packaging. The name is inspired by the now-famous Greta Thunberg.

by Fabrizio Salce
Published on 30 April 2020

A real gem of flavour in a new package. It’s the Buffalo mozzarella from Campania PDO of the historic Dairy factory Abc of Vitulazio in the province of Caserta. A packaging and “Greta” brand that combines a new product with the deepest intention to protect the planet, starting from the smallest everyday things. In other words: reduce plastic! A theme that young people are increasingly approaching in support of the environment.

A real gem of flavour in a new package. It is the Mozzarella di Bufala Campana PDO from the historic ABC Dairy Factory


A real gem of flavour
in a new package.

It’s the “gen Z” kids, an army of girls and boys who are trying to focus our attention towards our world, who are not hiding their concerns about the current environmental impact that today’s life with its behavioural styles imprints. They are loudly asking for respect for the Earth, for increasingly natural products whose production process has a very low impact on the environment in which we live.

The aim of the “Greta” project is therefore to implement an entirely environmental and sustainable company policy that aims to have “No More Plastic” in their production and distribution. “Greta” Mozzarella is packaged in glass and paper and is preserved in a zero-oxygen environment, in order to avoid external contamination. What’s more, the recyclable paper container is equipped with a thin film that makes the inside of the can waterproof according to the European regulation Cpap/81. “Greta” is, therefore, a Mozzarella that can boast, in addition to goodness and quality, a decidedly innovative packaging designed to extend the life of the product by excluding external contamination and safeguarding consumer protection.

But why “Greta”? The idea for the project came from a study on the consumption of the new generations. Who are the new consumers? What do they expect for the future? And how will they influence the marketing strategies of companies in the upcoming years? Who are retailers and how will they work? These are very serious questions that companies are asking themselves, those productive realities that cannot disregard the Greta Thunberg phenomenon and her movement linked to climate change.

It is the new generation, 15-20-year-old girls and boys born with digital technology, who seek information on everything, clearly also on food products. They use technology and devices, and their language has to be understood, interpreted; they turn to social networks that are more in tune with their generation, they use communication systems while being careful about privacy. We must therefore speak their language. Companies must be aware that “gen Z” is constantly connected, which is why Brand & Retailer must develop innovative strategies that meet their needs and at the same time, create loyalty.

These young people, who use and will continue to use faster and faster means of transport, who want clear and detailed information in a few digital lines, demand respect for the planet, require transparency, and want sustainable products; and so we must be able to produce and communicate thinking that everyone is a child of their time. “Greta” is the Mozzarella that looks ahead, respecting the extraordinary taste that only a great Buffalo mozzarella can offer to the market: except that we will be more and more digital, but the taste will remain the same. A good Tablet works better if there is a good Table.