For a greener and better future

  • #GRETA

    No plastic, more tastiness! Let's protect taste and tradition, but also nature and the well-being of the Earth and the people who live on it.








    Every plastic object ever created is still on the planet, all around us today. By 2050 there could be more plastic than fish in the world's oceans.

    ABC's work takes the good of the community into account: we are committed to promoting the development of alternatives to plastics to ensure sustainability and respect the environment.

    Together with our suppliers, we are rethinking the way we design the packaging of our products, by abolishing the use of plastic. Glass containers combine quality, food safety, recyclability and circular economy.

    We are increasingly reducing the use of single-use plastics by investing in alternative consumption and distribution models that focus on reusable packaging.

    The future is a book yet to be written. It depends on us: on what we choose to be, today and tomorrow, as producers and as consumers. We build it one day at a time and we can choose how to design it, thinking of our children and what their world will be like.