The King of Pizza

Francesco Martucci, partnership with the Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP produced by ABC

by Donato Troiano
Published on 19 May 2020

An agreement has been signed between the two Caserta-based companies. The agreement saw the involvement of the president of the Dairy factory, Angelo Piccirillo, Francesco and Ernesto Nucci and Raffaele Caterino.

To be seen in the picture: the ABC buffalo mozzarella dairy factory and the King of pizza, Francesco Martucci (front cover photo).

A real Pact of Taste between two excelling businesses based in Campania: the protagonists of this deal are the Buffalo Mozzarella from Campania PDO and the Pizzeria “I Masanielli”, both from Caserta and from the province.

The agreement was consolidated a few days ago and was announced with this press release: “The Buffalo Mozzarella from Campania PDO dairy factory and Francesco Martucci, undisputed multi-awarded champion and the King of Pizza, interpreter of the best tradition of ‘Made in Campania’ pizza with his Pizzeria ‘I Masanielli’, have become a go-to for all pizza lovers.

The agreement consists of the constant supply of Buffalo mozzarella from Campania PDO and its various other products. An agreement, which entails and supports the true values of taste and that will intrigue even the most demanding palates”.

The best pizza chef in the world works only with first choice products

Everyone knows that Francesco Martucci, together with Franco Pepe, won the first place in the 2019 ranking of the best pizzerias in Italy and the world (read on HuffPost).

The pizza chef Martucci, who founded ‘I Masanielli’ in Caserta, is by now an award-winning chef: he has received the Tre Spicchi from Gambero Rosso and has been awarded by the Espresso guide, Slow Food and Mangia&Bevi from ‘Il Mattino’.

The Naples daily newspaper wrote about him: “Francesco started working at the age of 10 out of necessity. Waiter in the family’s restaurants, rebellious and stubborn. In the pizzeria ‘Al solito posto’, where he took his first steps, every evening, AFTER he had finished cleaning; he asked his uncle if he could make himself a pizza. With no outside help involved. Even if he was dead tired. “That’s how I started my career and fell in love with this world”. Francesco had to grow up quickly, but he chose not to leave his neighbourhood, the Acquaviva district where his restaurant is located, ‘an essential place because pizza must remain a dish of the people, which everyone can enjoy’.

ABC Dairy factory in Vitulazio

The other excelling business is the Abc Dairy factory. Tradition and passion, only high quality: these are the “guarantees” that have brought the historic Dairy factory ABC of Vitulazio in the province of Caserta to the top of the Italian dairy sector. The agreement involved the Dairy factory’s president Angelo Piccirillo, Francesco and Ernesto Nucci, Raffaele Caterino and Francesco Martucci.

From now on, in the “I Masanielli” restaurant of Caserta you will find the best Italian pizza with Abc mozzarella, first in the alphabet and first in quality.

But always, or rather, together forever with the Mozzarella PDO, you’ll have the number One of Pizza!